Saturday, January 25, 2014

More on Realism and Pluralism

I will probably have more to say, meanwhile, the discussion continues, and you should probably read up on it.

Circling Squares One, Larval Subjects One, Struggle Forever, Circling Squares Two, After Nature, and Larval Subjects Two.

That is a lot going on, again, hopefully, I will have more to contribute later.

EDIT: Also check out Agent Swarm and Footnotes 2 Plato.


Leon said...

Not sure if this helps, but another perspective in the conversation.

Scu said...

Hey Leon, I actually already had you linked in the original post. But for those of who skipped over it, I do suggest checking out the After Nature link.

I've been really wanting to find the time to make a follow up post that can engage with some of the stuff that is coming out, but I haven't, yet.

Also, Leon, I enjoyed your cat showing up in your blog post. My cats regularly end up in my writing.

I am curious, how do you square Kantian reason with pluralism? I am not being contentious, I am just curious if you could say more to that.